by Markus Stolz


I am Markus Stolz, of German origin, I live with my Greek wife and our 4 children in Athens, Greece. I have been fascinated by the world of wine for more than 20 years. I hold the advanced certificate of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and am the proud owner of my very own wine cellar inside my home.

For the first 15 years of my personal wine journey, I concentrated heavily on wines from France, Italy and Australia. After I moved to Greece in 2003, I started tasting many of the locally grown grape varieties. The new flavours and aromas available were soon captivating me. In addition, I noticed that the quality of many wines started to improve on a consistent basis. When my Greek language skills finally also showed some improvement (this process brought a whole new understanding to the meaning of  „Odyssey”), I began visiting wine estates and met many of the faces behind the labels.

The more I learned about Greek wines, the more I became alerted to the fact that there was little information available on the subject. I also realised that no significant export markets existed.

Turning my hobby professional

I decided to become involved with Greek wines on a professional basis at the start of 2009. I source the best wines from the most exciting wine producers available in Greece, introduce and present them to wine merchants abroad, and educate wine consumers. My goal is to see high quality wines from Greece in the wine shelves of the merchants abroad, so that the wine consumers have access to them.

This blog is a hub for producers, merchants, and consumers, offering an inside into the world of Greek wines. The name elloinos is derived from the Greek words ellinas and oinos, which translate into Greek and wine.

What benefits will you gain from reading this blog?

  • Get informed on a subject that is not widely covered, gain inside information and broaden your knowledge.
  • Meet the faces behind the labels and discover their personalities.
  • Get acquainted with the many people from the wine industry I meet abroad.
  • Interact and communicate with me through the comment section on articles posted.

If you want to know more about me, please browse the section Story of my life. If you spend the time to read this, you will have a very good idea of who I am.

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Markus Stolz, Pavlousi 13, 18539 Piraeus, email mstolz @, phone +30 212 1041814