by Markus Stolz

white wines

byMarkus Stolz
September 27, 2010, 0 Comments

High-acid, light-bodied aromatic whites, such as a floral Moschofilero from Mantinia, an elegant Roditis from Patras, a refreshing Athiri from Rhodes or a charming Debina from Epirus, go perfectly with light appetizers, like salads, especially those with lemon or lime dressing, white cheeses like feta and chevre, light Asian-style noodle soups, pasta with seafood, oysters, crunchy stir-fried vegetables and grilled white meat or fish. Alternatively, they can be enjoyed simply, without food, as a lovely and refreshing aperitif to start the evening.

More rustic flavours, such as salty tapas and sardines, are a far better match to a more pungent wine such as the traditional Retsina, although a number of full-flavoured whites, like a dry, flowery Muscat from Samos or Limnos, can be an excellent choice.

Other white wines with richness, body and intense flavour, such as a ripe Vilana or a delightfully fresh Savatiano from Attica, can help pick up the spiciness and aromas in dishes like sushi or sashimi, pasta with seafood, fresh grilled fish, Niçoise salad, salty tapas, Asian cuisine with white meat, chicken or pork. Risottos with seafood or dishes flavoured with exotic spices like saffron or Indian spices can also be very interesting options.

The more expressive and rather textural whites, like the mineral and racy Assyrtiko from Santorini, are the best match for grilled, fried or roasted fish, oysters, rich pasta with white sauces, spicy Indian food, falafel or hummus. Exciting combinations result from an oak-aged Assyrtiko paired with tandoori chicken or lamb, Thai curries, fish and chips or even bean and lentil soups. The exotic whites, led by Malagouzia, are wonderful with crab, langoustines and spicy pasta and pizzas.

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