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byMarkus Stolz
April 20, 2010, 0 Comments

Dirk Wuertz is in all likelihood German’s most innovative winemaker in terms of marketing. He has been a key player of the social media scene since the early days, building up his brand continuously. He is never resting on his laurels, and is always thinking about new concepts. In January this year, he launched the first German live wine Internet show.

Dirk also works together with creative people from the wine industry. The head of his Norwegian importer ExCellars is one of those. ExCellars is one of the five largest importers in Norway, and they also import the bag in box wine from Wuertz. It is very apparent that they love exploring new concepts, as they invited Dirk for a 3-hour naked photo shoot to Oslo, in order to work on a new design for the bag in box.

The result was released today in Scandinavia – and has caused huge controversy in Germany. The bag in box is simply called “Mein Wein” – “my wine”. The drawings come from Siri Petterson, one of the best know cartoonists of Scandinavia.

Dirk has already stated that he wants to release this design in the German market, which is much more conservative. I for one believe that this is a solid move to shape up the image of bag in box wines that still are not fully accepted by the German consumers. Then again, I view this with a twinkle in my eye, even if business serious.

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