by Markus Stolz

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byMarkus Stolz
November 19, 2012, 0 Comments

RebelMouse, thank you for creating real value!

The above statement sums up my experience with this tool after testing it for several weeks. RebelMouse functions as a dynamic, flexible, and central hub for a user’s social media activities, aggregating content from a growing number of platforms. I very much believe in this concept, and have integrated the ELLOINOS Social Stream into my site. Please take a look here.

I have published articles on this site on a weekly basis for nearly four years. Yet this is only a small part of my activities. I have built many remarkable relationships through social media, and also share a lot of informative content. No aggregation tool is able to capture the personal engagements in a meaningful way, nor should they, as much of this takes place between two people. But the shared content is very much a narrative on its own. RebelMouse enables me to share this narration with others, even if they are not active social media users.

I also divide diverse content on different social media platforms, as the respective audiences have not necessarily the same needs. For example, my Twitter connections are mostly US based, whereas Facebook is dominated by Greek and German friends. RebelMouse brings these streams into one place, and its flexibility allows for simple and efficient user adjustments. It is very easy to add or delete posts, to change the order of them, or to freeze/highlight content.

I am not ready yet to change my homepage completely, but would very much like to make the Social Stream a more prominent, dynamic part of it. Sadly RebelMouse does not yet allow for this, but my hopes are that they will take this into consideration. Until then, please visit the Social Stream page often.

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