by Markus Stolz

Wine Library
TV Comeback Episode 1001

byMarkus Stolz
July 8, 2013, 0 Comments

Gary Vaynerchuk is back – after a two year absence from Wine Library TV, Episode 1001 was released last week. You won’t find it at the old web site; instead Gary is embracing a new medium called Touchcast, which “looks like video, but feels like the web” and is geared towards mobile.

Touchcast is currently available for the ipad, a Desktop version will be added soon. You can still view the Episode 1001, which is aptly named “Dusting Off The Old Jets Spit Bucket”, on the web via Chrome or Safari browser.

The videos embed a lot of useful information that make them really fun to watch. Note my use of the plural: Episode 1001 consists actually of four clips, as the maximum allowed length per video is currently set to five minutes. Although Gary has played around with six second wine reviews on Vine, he clearly has a lot more to say :)

The icing on the cake is that Gary (or rather @kmurph :) includes a Greek wine in this comeback show. The Koutsoyannopolos Santorini 2011 review can be found it the third clip. He also gives out a nice shout-out to Mark Squires.

Gary, I am thrilled that you are back. Viewing this episode made me realize how much I have missed Wine Library TV! I am keeping fingers crossed that we don’t have to wait for two more years for Episode 1002.

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