by Markus Stolz

Hatzidakis, Santorini

byMarkus Stolz
February 24, 2009, 0 Comments

2008 Aidani-Assyrtico, white – VdP Cyclades, 90% Aidini, 10% Assyrtico 15.5
Medium deep straw colour. Nose of lychees. Very fruity on the palate, explosive and elegant at the same time. Also some minerals and stones. Good length. AVIN5143687376374
2007 Assyrtico, white – Santorini AOC, 100% Assyrtico 16
Pale silver colour. Nose of white fruits and minerals. Very fresh on the palate, fruit ladden, deep. Has a good and long finish. One can almost taste the sunshine the grapes received. AVIN0116191551730
2008 Santorini, white – Santorini AOC, 90% Assyrtico, 5% Athiri, 5% Aidani 16
Light lemon colour. Nose of bananas, lychees and ananas. Pure elegance on the palate. AVIN8968889857288
2007 Santorini Oak, white – Santorini AOC, 100% Assyrtico 16
Pale silver colour. Nose of minerals and fruits with a hint of oak. The barrel treatment adds just the right amount of oak flavour to the palate. Not everdone, it adds complexity to the character. Nice buttery finish. AVIN2965949247764
2007 Santorini Nikteri, white – Santorini AOC, 100% Assyrtico 16.5
Pale lemon colour. The nose has pure fresh white fruits. This has a touch more depth on the palate with very ripe fruit aromas, very elegant in style. AVIN2564088465710
2006 Mavrotragano, red – Experimental wine, 90% Mavrotragano, 10% Mandilaria 18
Very bright and shiny medium deep red cherry colour. Very open nose of cooked and jammy red fruits. Very refined on the palate with extracts of raspberries. Vibrant and elegant, long finish. The tannins are round, this wine will benefit from cellaring. AVIN3775616178845
2001 Vinsanto, sweet white – Santorini AOC, 80% Assyrtico, 20% Aidani 18
Deep caramel coloured. Nose of dried raisins, honey and peaches. The palate shows mouthwatering dried raisin flavours. Lasts long. AVIN5359223905728

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