by Markus Stolz

Limnos Organic, Limnos

byMarkus Stolz
February 23, 2009, 0 Comments

2008 Taxidi sti Limnos white – Limnos AOC, 100% Muscat of Alexandria 14
Silver colour. Late harvested grapes, pronounced nose of flowers. The palate is very forthcoming with a good depth of floral notes. Good. AVIN9415509899535
2008 Proimos white – Limnos AOC, 100% Muscat of Alexandria 13
Pale watery colour, earlier harvest than Taxidi sti Limnos. Quite open on the nose with fresh bouquet of flowers. Fresh and crisp on the palate, a bit one-dimensional. AVIN4858988722102
2008 Ampeloessa white – Limnos AOC, 100% Muscat of Alexandria 15.5
Light lemon colour. Bit more serious on the nose, the floral aromas are joined by stones. Also much more expressive on the palate with more depth. Good finish. AVIN9333122205116
2008 Rodon Rosé- Semi Dry, 75% Muscat of Alexandria, 25% Limnio 13.5
Medium deep salmon colour. The sweetness is easily detected on the nose. Has a rich floral aroma. It is a touch short on the palate, the nose is more expressive. Still a pleasant wine. AVIN6260052620388
2007 Ifestias red – 60% Limnio, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon 13.5
Medium deep brick colour. Aromatic on the nose with small red berry smell, also some oak flavours. It is medium bodied with a pleasant amount of fruits ans soft tannins. AVIN1824694416546
2007 La Terra sweet white – Muscat of Limnos AOC, Sweet, 100% Muscat of Alexandria 13.5
Faint light caramel colour. The nose shows flowers with a nutty character shining through. The palate starts quite rich, but the finish falls a bit short. AVIN7086780325307
2007 La Terra Grand Cru sweet white – Muscat of Limnos AOC, Natural Sweet, 100% Muscat of Limnos 14
Lemon colour. Open nose of honeysuckle. The palate is medium rich and pleasant. AVIN4911446197567

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