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Notes Mercouri

byMarkus Stolz
April 8, 2009, 0 Comments

Vassilis Papadopoulos is a sommelier and the co-owner of Kazakos Drink Bank, my favorite wine merchant in Athens. He gave me two bottles of wine to try. Both wines are from the Mercouri Estate. Vassilis tasted some experimental wines while visiting the estate and decided on the spot to purchase the whole production of 500 bottles each. These wines are therefore only available at Kazakos.

The first wine is a Refosco d.p. rosso from 2006. It has a superdark, rich and deep blackcherry colour. The rim just lightens up into a violet. The nose shows sweet red fruits, coupled with spices and it has gamey elements. Almonds, mocca and wild herbs are also included. It has a very mediterannean nose. As it starts to open up, there is a dense layer of burned earth, very intriguing, masculine and multi-dimensional. On the palate, the wine is medium-to full bodied. The fruits take control and lose their sweetness. Herbs and violets are there, also stewed plums. The tannins work well with the acidity. The finish is very long and the stewed plums return with the aftertaste. It is quite an explosive wine, a little unsettled or wild right now. It needs some more time in bottle – this will age gracefully. 18
The second wine is a Mavrodaphne 2005. It has a medium to dark redcherry colour with some watery purple on the rim. It has a very interesting nose of baked plums, but also a noticeable earthiness to it. There is a touch of sweetness and aromas of milk chocolate and truffels. It seems much more delicate and feminin in style when compared to the Refosco. It certainly has elegance. The palate confirms the nose. Stewed prunes, baked plums plus the truffels. The tannins are quite soft. There is a lot of fruit character, but not in a fresh summery style, rather autumn/winter style. The finish has a good length. The wine is very soft and elegant in style, it could use a bit more backbone, a little firmer structure. Delicious to drink now, I doubt that it will improve with further time. 16.5
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