by Markus Stolz

Moraitis, Paros

byMarkus Stolz
February 23, 2009, 0 Comments

2008 Sillogi Moraiti white – VdP Cyclades, 30% Malagousia, 70% Assyrtico 16
This wine is produced organically. Pale straw colour. Very fruity and floral open nose. Rich on the palate with buttery fruits. Good acidity levels, very long. AVIN5640814430041
2008 Parios Oenos white – Paros AOC, 100% Monemvasia 15
Light to medium lemon colour. Nose made up of minerals, stones and fruits. The palate is fresh, fairly rich with a buttery aftertaste. AVIN5090538447946
2007 Moraitis Oak white – Paros AOC, 100% Monemvasia 15.5
Light to medium straw colour. Nose of minerals, toast and fruits. On the palate rich, the toastiness adds another dimension. Good length on the finish. AVIN2308409942357
2008 Mandilaria – Assyrtico Rosé – VdP Aegeopelagitikos, 80% Mandilaria, 20% Assyrtico 15
Medium deep pink, clear. Aromas of flowerpetals. On the palate explosive roses character. Very delicious. AVIN3675535212937
2005 Sillogi Moraitis red – 50% Aidani, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon 17.5
This wine is produced organically. Deep red cherry colour. Quite open, black berries, burned earth. Full bodied, excellent fruit layers, explosive nature with good tannin structure. Will keep. AVIN0152823400380
2004 Paros Reserve red – Paros AOC, 70% Mandilaria, 30% Monemvassia 16.5
Medium deep black cherry colour. Nose dominated by red and black berries. Full bodied with a dense structure, good amount of tannins, a keeper. AVIN0086230893605
2005 Imiglykos Moraiti red – Natural semi sweet, 80% Mandilaria, 20% Menemvassia Sun-dried grapes 16
Medium deep brick red colour, aromas of dried grapes, good fruitiness on palate, raisins, very elegant and feminin in style. AVIN1461193314449
2006 Liastos Moraiti sweet white – Natural Sweet, 100% Monemvassia Sund-dried grapes 16.5
Caramel/toffee colour. The grapes were sund-dried for 12 days, after this the wine was placed for a few months into barrels. Nose of fresh raisins and toffee. Very good on the palate, with raisin character. Very fresh, not sticky at all. Very good finish. AVIN4253473045788

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