by Markus Stolz

Skouras, Nemea

byMarkus Stolz
February 23, 2009, 0 Comments

2007 Viognier Eclectique white – VdP Peloponnese, 100% Viognier 18
Medium deep straw/silver colour. Very open and forthcoming nose, rich and dense. Fruits are melon and ananas, this is coupled with a nice earthiness. Very rich on the palate with lots of melon and exotic fruits. The wine has a very good acidity, the finish lasts long. Fine. AVIN3298254264478
2006 Dum Vinum Sperum white – VdP Peloponnese, 100% Chardonnay 18
Medium deeep straw colour. The nose is dominated by exotic fruits and hints of butter. It smells rich and fat, also has some toastiness. It is full bodied and has a rich structure. The midpalate has peaches, bananas and butter. Fine. AVIN7137118853297

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Over the last years, I have come to really appreciate Greek wines. There are many grape varieties that exist only in Greece and I have the good fortune of being able to try them all. I wish to share my enthusiasm with wine lovers around the world, who often limit themselves to maybe four red and four white grape varieties for most of their life.