by Markus Stolz


byMarkus Stolz
March 17, 2009, 0 Comments


Wine Dinner ArtO2 ThessalonikiOn the evening of 5th of March I had the pleasure of attending a wine dinner at the ArtO2 Ristorarte Teloglion in Thessaloniki. I was very much looking forward to this occasion, as Christos Kokkalis and Apostolos Thimiopoulos were organising the event. In total we were 10 people. Christos had some Greek friends visiting from Germany, who brought some great bottles of Riesling (3) and a Pichler Smaragd along. They also surprised with a bottle of 2005 Bad Boy by Jean Luc Thunevin. We started dinner at 9 pm and the food was stunning. A total of 10 small and delicious courses were served with a different wine for each. Apart from the above mentioned wines, we tasted the Gris de Noir from Antonopoulos, a 2005 Ghi ke Uranos brought by Apostolos Thimiopoulos, a 2006 Nova from Christos Kokkalis, a Muscat Rio Patron 2003 from Parparoussis, and a Bollinger Champagne. Every person at the table was a wine lover, so the conversation was all about Greek wines. What a pleasant evening it was – great company coupled with delicious food and great wines. The evening lasted until 2 am and I am glad I made new friends.
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Over the last years, I have come to really appreciate Greek wines. There are many grape varieties that exist only in Greece and I have the good fortune of being able to try them all. I wish to share my enthusiasm with wine lovers around the world, who often limit themselves to maybe four red and four white grape varieties for most of their life.