by Markus Stolz

Michalakis, Crete

byMarkus Stolz
February 23, 2009, 1 Comment

2008 Dafni white -VdP Heraklion, 100% Dafni 15
Medium deep lemon colour. Nose full of banana aromas. Rich and buttery on the palate with well balanced acidity. AVIN8029664266197
2008 Vilana white – VdP Heraklion, 100% Vilana 15
Lemon colour. Floral aromas on the nose, reserved. Rich and buttery on the palate with a very good length. AVIN3426078948995
2008 Ktima Michalaki Gold Cuvee white – VdP Heraklion, 50% Malvasia, 40% Muscat de Spina, 10% Chardonnay 18
Straw yellow colour. Great nose of rich fruits and wild flowers, very open. Rich and dense palate with honeysuckle and wild flowers, very powerful and long. AVIN5477799918697
2007 Evanthis white – VdP Heraklion, 50% Vilana, 50% Sauvignon Blanc 16
Silver coloured. Bursts open with fruit aromas. Very explosive on the palate with exotic fruits. Very well balanced acidity levels, good length. AVIN1376359491844
2007 Ktima Michalaki Chardonnay white – VdP Heraklion, 100% Chardonnay 16.5
Medium deep gold lemon colour. Nose made up of ripe exotic fruits. Full bodied and rich, the exotic fruits burst open in the mouth, very long finish. AVIN8991331558686
2008 Atarahos Rosé – VdP Heraklion, 100% Mandalari 17
Extremly rich and bright full colour. This has some depth on the nose, very expressive wild flowers. Rich on the palate with balanced acidity levels. This is not your everyday rosé, it is quite special. A great drink. AVIN1854205322639
2006 Atarakos red – Mandalari, Cabernet Sauvignon 16
Medium-dark cherry colour. Good aromatic nose of herbs and fruits. Elegant and well balanced on the palate. AVIN7661838649934
2005 Ktima Michalakis Merlot red – VdP Heraklion, 100% Merlot 18
Deep ink colour. Reserved on the nose with red berries. Full bodied on the palate with all the classic Merlot flavours. Well structured tannins, a wine that will benefit from cellaring. AVIN4908112135091
2005 Ktima Michalakis Cabernet Sauvignon red – VdP Heraklion, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon 18
Medium dark bright cherry red colour. Very rich and dense blackcurrant smell with vanilla. Full bodied on the palate with warm black berries and a nice oakiness. A classic Cabernet. AVIN9379159954412
2005 Ktima Michalakis Gold Cuvee red – VdP Heraklion, 45% Mandilari, 55% Syrah 19
Medium deep red cherry colour. Very rich and open on the nose, with spices, white pepper, red berries and vanilla. Full bodied and complex with multiple fruit layers. Very long finish. AVIN8925398702300
2006 Mandilaria red – VdP Heraklion, 100% Mandalaria 17
Medium deep red cherry colour, open nose of spices and herbs. Full bodied with nice layers of spices. Also a good oakiness. AVIN7508125829276

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